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"Brace" Hawk Nuo Plank

"Brace" Hawk Nuo Plank

At 16:30 p.m. on February 23, in your spare time, the Flat Support Activity organized by the Ministry of Personnel Administration with the theme of "Supporting Yingnuo, Plank for All" was successfully held in our office rest area.

Before the competition, everyone is enthusiastic, cheering, crowding the office area, together to cheer for the competitors, before the competition, it is estimated that the heartbeat of the competitors is accelerating, all hope that they are the champion in the competition. The colleagues who did not sign up also jumped over the test to experience the flat-panel support fitness exercise, which seems to be a simple movement, but it is not easy to maintain this movement.

A total of 71 participants enrolled in this event. The competition was conducted in turn by the Evergreen Group (over 40 years old), the Men's Group (1, 2, 3) and the Women's Group. In this competition, we invited our BD3 Korean Army to judge the president of the event. Each group was equipped with a watch-clipper and a timekeeper, and the judge was made by the president. After the technical action guidance, the competitors are ready for the competition. With the referee's "ready to start", the competitors enter the flat support state one after another. With the passing of time, some of the contestants flushed, some sweated, some adjusted their breathing. When they finally could not hold on, they looked around at the next example, then continued to clench their fists, and their colleagues were cheering for them, constantly distracting the attention of the contestants. They will ease their pain. Finally, the men's group won 16 minutes and 08 seconds with Li Jinhui in personnel administration department.

"Brace" Hawk Nuo Plank