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News report of Corey hawo badminton competition in 2018

News report of Corey hawo badminton competition in 2018

  On May 26, 2018, the badminton competition was held on schedule at Songpingshan Badminton Stadium, with more than 30 participants. At 9 a.m., the delegations said they were warming up. At the beginning of the competition, the team's excellent duel attracted many cheerleaders who came to cheer. On the field of excitement, choose to show their skills! Strong swing, flexible rotation, high skill fight, make the charm of badminton infect the whole audience.

  After a day of fierce competition, we produced the men's singles, men's doubles, women's singles, women's doubles and mixed doubles runners-up, respectively.

  1. Men's singles: Champion one Gong Navy (Ke Rui) runner up one He Wenjie (Ke Rui) runner up Liu Jianghong (Ke Rui)

  Two, women's singles: Champion Bai Bai (hawk Nuo) runner up one Yin Qianqian (hawk Nuo) second runner up Li Hua (hawk)

  3. Men's doubles: champion He Wenjie/Liu Zhiming (Corey) runner-up Li Ziwei/Mao Xiaohui (Corey) runner-up Gong Navy/Liu Hanchao (Corey)

  Four, women's Doubles: Champion Bai Bai Chun / Yin Qianqian (hawk) runner up, Zeng Li / Zhong Ling (Ke Rui)

  Mixed doubles: champion Gong Navy/Zeng Li (Corey) runner-up, Li Ziwei/Xiao Jianghua (Corey) runner-up, He Wenjie/Yuan Fang (Corey)

  At the same time, we also prepared small gifts for the unawarded contestants. This competition not only provides a platform for badminton fans to show themselves and discuss with each other, but also improves the ability of cooperation and communication among colleagues. It also shows the spirit of Corey Group. Under the cooperation of the staff members'due diligence and the door selection, the badminton match has been a complete success. (Photos of the event can be consulted on the public disc.)

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