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Committed to be a leading company in the field of automation equipment and precision machining


Chengdu Innorev Industrial Co., Ltd., founded in 2011, is an industrial automation enterprise integrating advanced design, R&D, processing and project management services.


Innorev has long been committed to providing customers with professional automation equipment, automated production lines, computer software development and system integration, as well as various types of fixtures and precision parts processing and design. We have extensive practical experience and technique in the fields of vision, optics, sensor testing, and motion control. Fully automated solutions for system integration such as cosmetic testing, functional testing and turnkey testing solution are available upon request.


Chengdu Innorev Industrial Co., Ltd. has been always considering technological innovation as the core, producing high-quality products, providing efficient services,  to become a trusted partner of customers. At present, Innorev has set up a research and development center in Shenzhen with about 600 R&D engineers, and established subsidiaries in Zhengzhou, Hong Kong, the United States and the Philippines. Innorev promotes the corporate spirit of “seeking truth, innovation, unity and hard work”, strives to promote the advancement of precision automation application technology, and to build a world-class automation enterprise and precision cutting-edge manufacturing.


Providing complete customized solutions, To be a trusted partner of customers